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Book Punch takes students through the writing and thinking process with interactive prompts to focus his or her thinking about a particular book.

Hundreds of built-in tips and supports help students gather ideas, organize their thoughts, compose sentences, revise, edit and publish responses to a work of literature. All the works in the Book Punch series are popular books commonly read in schools.

For each novel, Book Punch provides several writing topics which students practice and reinforce the process of writing an organized response to literature. Books may be assigned class-wide, to small groups, or to individual pupils.

Writing activities require the student to demonstrate knowledge of important facts and/or events from the book and make connections between one's life and the text.

Students are engaged in a relevant and personal way. The open-ended response allows for a wide range of expression by students of varied intellectual strengths and capabilities.

Our class management tools enable teachers to track student progress and intervene at points of difficulty.

4 Easy Steps to Get Results Quickly!

  1. Assign one Text-to-Self writing topic before students start reading. Work may continue while students read the book.
  2. Have your students use one Evidence and Inference writing activity either during, or after, reading.
  3. Monitor student progress by logging into the online management system.
  4. Use the free lesson plan aids and printables for each book as a resource for additional offline activities.

Activities Details

The main activities for Book Punch are 5 or 6 interactive prompts and questions for each book; organized into three sections:

In the Text-to-Self section, based on themes from the book, students write about their own experiences.

SAMPLE TOPIC from Sarah, Plain and Tall:
In the story, Caleb, Anna and Papa write letters to Sarah. Their letters ask Sarah questions about what she can do, what she likes, and what her life in Maine is like. Sarah writes back with her answers.

Think about someone you would like to write to in order to discover more about him or her. Write a paragraph explaining who you would write to and what you would like to know about that person.

In the Evidence and Inference section of the program, students connect details to ideas in the book to infer deeper meaning from their reading.

SAMPLE TOPIC from Sarah, Plain and Tall:
When a tragic event has occurred, people need comfort and reassurance. In the story, Caleb asks Anna to retell the story of the day he was born. Write a paragraph that tells what Anna said to Caleb about the day he was born.

Printable vocabulary activities, graphic organizers and writing rubrics are included for each book. Each Book Punch book program comes with easy-to-use implementation suggestions and offline activities.

The online management system is intuitive to use and allows teachers to easily check student progress, comment on student work, add new students, and assign additional Merit programs.


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