Language Arts Curriculum - Overview

Finding workable, effective strategies for teaching language arts is one of the most difficult issues facing school districts today.

Language arts, also known as the combination of reading and writing skills, is usually taught in the late elementary and middle grades. Mastery of language arts is critical if students are to succeed in school. Students who fail in language arts are much more likely to not graduate from high school.

Language arts teachers today usually must face classes with a wide range of ability among the students. Most language arts teachers have to cover a lot of content standards. Many of them teach more than one subject.

The reality is that language arts teachers do not have a lot time to help individual students in class. Struggling readers and writers suffer as a result. Just when reading and writing become harder in the late elementary and middle grades, struggling students tend to get less support.

The goal of an effective language arts curriculum must be to provide ways for all students to improve their reading and writing skills. The teaching, learning, and assessment materials must also be easy for teachers to learn to use and implement.

This is where Book Punch fits in.

Book Punch provides an effective, engaging, and practical curriculum to improve students' language arts skills.

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