Before Reading Activities

Before reading, strategic readers preview the text by looking at the title and the text to evoke relevant thoughts, memories, and associations. They build background by questioning themselves to see what they already know about the topic, the form in which the topic is presented, and the vocabulary that might communicate the ideas about the topic. They set purposes for reading by asking themselves what they want to learn or experience by reading the selection.

A teacher might also decide to include specific background knowledge or experiences, as well as any critical vocabulary or concepts, which would help a reader fulfill his/her task of reading for meaning during the next time frame.

Book Punch's vocabulary activities and graphic organizers help students activate knowledge they already have, learn unfamiliar words and orient themselves to themes in the book. Before reading students can work on the text-to-self activities of Book Punch where they begin thinking and writing about their own experience that relates to themes in the book they are about to read.

Before students begin the book, have them work through the Book Punch graphic organizers to organize their thoughts and learn what they might already know about the topic.

Encourage students to think about what they will need to know to fully understand the story.

Give students the Book Punch vocabulary activities, so they can begin to learn the words they will encounter in the text.

Help students understand the organization of the text and their purpose for reading. It may be helpful to have students start working on the text-to-self section of the Book Punch before they begin reading in order to relate themes they will encounter to their own personal experience.

Finally, Ask students what they think they might learn from reading the book.


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