Response to Intervention (RTI) - Tier 2 Small Group Intervention

At Tier 2 students who did not respond to Tier 1 receive more focused researched-based instruction in small groups. Changes are made to the original intervention based on students performance at Tier 1.

Book Punch helps stuggling students exponentially improve their reading and literature comprehension skills. It easily fits into modified curriculums in the RTI process and provide continuous tracking of student progress.

Students receive immediate feedback throughout. When teaching with Merit concepts are broken down into understandable parts and students apply skills as they learn them. Help is available to students in multiple forms, whenever they want it and as often as the need it.

Many students will respond well to a properly implemented Tier 2 intervention and a Tier 3 intervention will not be needed. If students are still performing significantly below grade level after the Tier 2 intervention, a Tier 3 intervention will have to be implemented.

Next Step: RTI Tier 3 - Personalized, Intensive Instruction



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