About the Merit Online Learning Management System

Management System: Overview

When working with Merit Online learning programs, teachers' have the ability to view student records and perform administrative functions through their own Learning Center home page.

Access comes FREE with the purchase of any online Merit Software program.

The Learning Center helps teachers:

  • Fulfill accountability standards for testing
  • Make informed school improvement decisions
  • Set and measure academic goals
  • Prepare focused and individualized lessons

With the management system you can:

  • Manage records for all Merit Online Learning programs in one place
  • View/print records for an entire class
  • View/print details of an individual student record
  • Track student time
  • Share student scores with other applications
  • Export student work confidentially

Teachers have their own Learning Center home page where they can see their students' most recent work immediately.

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Accessing Reports
The Merit Online Management System helps teachers view and select the data they wish to use.

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Individual Progress
Teachers can get in-depth, real-time, details of individual pupil performance.

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