Why This Is Different?

There are thousands of web sites and products that support reading, writing and literature instruction. Certainly, other publishers have incorporated some of the same elements that can be found in Book Punch.

However, it is the way these techniques are implemented that makes Book Punch one of the most powerful, simple and useful teaching tools available today.

  • It fits right in. Book Punch strengthens the instruction of content that is already being taught. It has an exponential impact on reading, writing and literature instruction.

  • It is not a quiz. There is no evidence showing literature-based quizzes improve reading comprehension. Book Punch is based on our Punch writing programs, which have been shown through rigorous evaluations to improve student skills.

  • It is much more than printable lesson plans. The teaching guides are helpful on their own, but using Book Punch empowers students to become more involved in their own learning process.

  • It is easy to implement. Professional development is available, but not required. To help make Book Punch easy to use, lesson plan aids are provided for each novel.

  • It is simple to maintain. We provide all updates without involving your school district's technical staff.

  • It complements current resources. There is no need to buy additional computers. Most classrooms have access to a computer lab. Plus, students can use it at school and at home.

  • It fits into many budget categories. Because Book Punch is so flexible, it can be purchased with a wide variety of funding sources.

  • It saves schools money. Book Punch's online component helps identify and treat pupil problem areas. It also provides meaningful activities for a whole class thereby giving teachers time to personally assist struggling students.


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