Book Punch Grant Project

Merit's Book Punch helps students read, write and think about popular children's literature.

It teaches students to develop ideas and organize their thoughts about the book they have just read.

Based on personal experiences, students write paragraphs relating to themes in the books. Students also write brief responses that connect factual details with ideas in the books to infer a deeper meaning from the text.

Printable vocabulary activities, graphic organizers and writing rubrics are provided for each book.

Merit Software is offering educators a license for two Book Punch titles of their choice. Simply complete the online submission form to obtain Book Punch licenses for your classroom.

Description of the Grant Project

Grant recipients will be given:

  • Online use of two Book Punch titles for one year
  • Access for one classroom or up to 30 students
  • Free technical support and training from Merit Software

Review Criteria

Key criteria used to evaluate proposals include:

  • Explanation of how Book Punch will be implemented
  • Experience working with educational technology
  • Commitment and enthusiasm to use Book Punch

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